The Carousel sports tune sounds to remind us that it is the weekend, even if we have no game to follow. That space has long since become a magazine that doesn’t need the ball rolling. It is appreciated because without that many would no longer distinguish Saturdays from Tuesdays.

Newspapers have our strength in depth. Television relies on the enormous power of images. But nothing accompanies like the radio. That friendly, familiar, complicit voice that speaks only to you in your head. While cooking, while driving, while showering or while dozing.

The silence of the house can be a slab for the confined, the unbearable solitude. Not even the beauty of music is as useful to cure that as your favorite voices: Barceló, Alsina, Bueno, Herrera, Francino, Otero, Del Pino, Pepa Fernández, Carreño, Paco González, De la Morena … the great masters: Iñaki Gabilondo, now only in pills, or Luis del Olmo, in a well-deserved retreat. What radio means in Spain, thanks to these people, is not understood in all countries.

To be a radio star you have to have a very well-furnished head: able to be aware of a thousand things without losing the thread of the live show, to inform and entertain many hours, to transmit closeness.

They say that young people do not have the radio attachment of previous generations. Normal, they have in their pocket a thousand applications that fight for their attention. If they listen to podcast, which is radio on demand. A great invention in any case: you return to the voices you love at any time. Today the programs go out at the same time to the dial, to the networks and to YouTube. They have another life outside the transistor. It is the hybrid, transmedia radio. The internet won’t kill the radio star either