The internet is devastated to learn that Henry Cavill already has a girlfriend

Hollywood is full of gallants, but one who has the whole world conquered is Henry Cavill. Better known as the Superman of the DCEU, saga in which he debuted with The Man of Steel – 55%, the British actor is an Internet favorite and today, literally, he is a heartthrob as photos of him were released with what seems She is his new girlfriend and this has caused hilarious reactions on social networks.

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It was in a note in the Daily Mail newspaper that the photos of Henry cavill and a mysterious woman with whom he has been linked. The images are of the two walking hand in hand through a park while they take out the actor’s dog, whose name is Kal. For now, the girl has not been identified and in fact the tabloid asks for details if anyone knows who it is.

The photos became a social media trend when people started posting all kinds of reactions to the news that Cavill is probably no longer single. The images seem to have been taken without much disturbance to the couple, who respected the measures in the United Kingdom and walked around with face masks and without getting too close to the other people who were there.

Cavill recently finished filming the second season of The Witcher – 67%. The series is a Netflix original title in which he plays a monster hunter with some magical powers. It was one of the platform’s biggest hits two years ago, and after several months in production, filming was finally completed. We will most likely see the new episodes later this year.

On the other hand, the furor over the actor as Superman was revived thanks to the launch of Zack Snyder’s Justice League – 82%. In that film, which is the original version that the director had in mind for the saga, his character comes to life and plays a key role in stopping Steppenwolf, an alien invader who wants to transform Earth and take it on his behalf. leader, the fearsome Darkseid, another alien tyrant.

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The actor has had several girlfriends since he was famous. He has once been engaged to Ellen whitaker, a professional jockey whom he broke up with in 2011. Since then, he has dated several actresses, dated Kaley Cuoco for a few weeks, also had a relationship with Gina Carano of about two years and with the stunt double Lucy Cork. As we mentioned before, there are no details on the identity of who appears to be her new partner.

As the new episodes of The witcher or a new Superman project is announced with him in the main role, here we leave you some of the funniest reactions to the actor’s photos.

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