The international press portrays Ayuso as the “trumpista” who deals a “hard blow” to Sánchez

Selection of headlines from the international press after 4-M. (Photo: THE HUFFPOST)

The international press has understood that the 4-M elections in the Community of Madrid were not just regional ones, but that they had to be read in a national key. Hence the importance that, especially the European media, have given to the coverage of the victory of Isabel Díaz Ayuso. “Crushing”, “without palliative”, “overwhelming”, are some of the adjectives that the popular harvests.

The British public channel BBC, for example, highlights Ayuso and not the PP in its headline, demonstrating the weight of the new leader. He speaks of “overwhelming victory” after a “fierce battle” in the field. He explains that Ayuso raised a “challenge” with his anticovid measures in the hospitality industry or shops and it has gone well, although he emphasizes that no victory can be sweet when there is an intense “polarization” of political life.

For those who still do not know her, the BBC makes an aside to explain who this 42-year-old president is, an expert in Communication, whom it calls a “rising star” of the PP, whose strategy against the central government “has given its fruits ”and has ended in a“ bad night ”for the national president, Pedro Sánchez.

Also in the United Kingdom, the progressive The Guardian recalls that Ayuso does not achieve an absolute majority and will need the extreme right, but that his victory is “overwhelming”, doubling seats and surpassing the entire left bloc, after a “bitter campaign “And also” deeply polarized. ” Almost all the media agree on that: not only is it that the PP wins, it is not only Sánchez’s displeasure, but it is the fragmented scenario left by these elections that must be highlighted.

The Guardian …

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