The interior of the new Mercedes SL 2022 is partially exposed

The development process for the new Mercedes SL 2022 continues. Mercedes-AMG, in charge of bringing this new sports car to life, has moved to northern Europe to complete the winter tests. A couple of prototypes have been spotted in broad daylight. This time, we have the opportunity to peek inside.

If about 24 hours ago we echoed some very interesting spy photos in which the expected Mercedes SL 2022 was shown with less camouflage, once again we must talk about this sports car. A pair of prototypes have been spotted in broad daylight carrying out the important winter tests. The development process has moved to Northern Europe. More specifically to the region of Scandinavia.

Mercedes-AMG is in charge of signing the development of the new Mercedes SL. A model that is called to fill the position of the Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster. Beyond the idyllic surroundings (for lovers of cold and snow), these spy photos allow us to take a look inside the vehicle. What’s more, the front of the cabin is partially exposed.

Mercedes SL 2022 - spy photoSpy photo of the new Mercedes SL 2022 during winter testing

Spy photos of the new Mercedes SL 2022

Beyond the steering wheel, which is partially appreciated, or the outlet of the ventilation system that has a circular shape, the most striking thing is the huge touch screen located in the center console. It follows the line set by the new generation of the Mercedes S-Class. It will be the «nerve center» of the interior, allowing you to operate the advanced infotainment system and numerous functions of the vehicle.

These photographs do not allow us to take a look at the instrument panel, however, the available information allows us to anticipate that it will follow a somewhat “classic” configuration. A key design element to maintain certain ties with the sports cars developed in the past by Mercedes-AMG and that grapple in the category where the new Mercedes SL will be framed.

There will also be a commitment to electrification without complexes. And it is that the new Mercedes SL will have to adapt to the new times. The mechanical offer will be made up exclusively of gasoline engines. There will be light hybrid versions (MHEV) 48 volts and even two powerful plug-in hybrid variants
accompanied by V8 blocks whose power will reach 800 hp.

Mercedes SL 2022 - rear spy photoMercedes-AMG is being in charge of the development of the new Mercedes SL 2022

When will it hit the market? The grand launch of the new Mercedes SL is scheduled for next spring. Now, the commercial launch will take place later this year, reaching dealerships as a 2022 model.