The insulting nickname with which the far right refers to King Felipe VI after signing the pardons

King Felipe VI. (Photo: Carlos R. Alvarez via .)

Although Isabel Díaz Ayuso wondered what King Felipe VI would do before the granting, by the Government, of pardons to the prisoners of the procés, the monarch’s signature appeared in the official document published by the BOE.

The Madrid president pointed out, to the surprise of many of her party, the head of state and, despite the fact that in the PP they went out to correct Ayuso, there are many who, both on the right and on the far right, have remembered him this Thursday, a day after the prisoners were released.

And not precisely to applaud him, but rather to the contrary: to give him an insulting nickname, “Doormat VI”.

There are also those who have added the nickname “Fictizia” or “Ficticia” for Queen Letizia:

Something that many did not see coming from far away:

This article originally appeared on The HuffPost and has been updated.


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