The Instituto Cervantes will promote flamenco outside of Spain


The Instituto Cervantes (IC) and the Association of Professional Flamenco Artists, Unión Flamenca, will sign a collaboration agreement this Monday, March 29, through which the institution led by Luis García Montero will promote this discipline abroad.

Thanks to this agreement, both entities seek to collaborate with each other in the development of cultural activities and projects for the dissemination of flamenco through the Cervantes centers abroad.

Among other issues, they wish to promote the teaching, study and dissemination of flamenco art, both in Spain and through the Instituto Cervantes centers abroad, and to work together in the latter’s cultural programming or in the preparation of studies and reports on flamenco outside of Spain.

Unión Flamenca has stated that “little by little and step by step flamenco is occupying the place that legitimately and historically belonged to it”. “The association considers and wishes that this agreement will translate into more and better work and projection opportunities for the group of artists, especially for those who do not yet have the visibility and reach of the great figures,” he added.

Likewise, Unión Flamenca has “great hopes” that flamenco and its artists are increasingly known and respected more and that they “access training projects that transcend the artistic, such as training in labor, tax or communication matters” .

“For the organization of artists, this agreement represents an advance in the study and management of a sector that has been analyzed a lot from its artistic perspective and very little from an economic point of view,” he added.

The event will be attended by the director of Cervantes, Luis García Montero, and a delegation from the board of directors and the founding collective of Unión Flamenca, among whom will be Arcángel (vice president), Marina Heredia (general secretary), Rocío Márquez (member), Carmen Linares , María Pagés (founding partners) and María Toledo (partner).

This agreement is signed in the context of the activities that are being held for the 30th anniversary of Cervantes and the presentation of the World Flamenco Congress. The event also includes the holding of a round table in which the members of Unión Flamenca Marina Heredia, Arcángel, Rocío Márquez and Carmen Linares will participate.