The Instagram account that captures the tender friendship between a dog and a baby

Instagram has all kinds of successful accounts, but there is one in Australia that combines two infallible ingredients to make the public fall in love: a baby and a dog. And even more: the friendship between them.

The protagonists are Macy, a precious baby and Marshall, a spectacular golden retriever. The dog was the protagonist of the Instagram account, but in September 2019 a new member of the family arrived.

In the first publication that baby and dog share, you can see how he sniffs her well and is soaked in its aroma. It was the beginning of a wonderful friendship full of love and tenderness.

Since then, dozens of photos of both have filled the account: playing, laughing, in the bathroom, in bed... Any place is good for both friends.

The account, which still exclusively retains the name of the dog Marshall, is about to reach the 20,000 followers. Macy’s parents, given the hair color of the dog and the girl, have dubbed them ‘the golden duo’.