The influence of field factor in favor of the local team, habitual in the championship of League Since its establishment, it will be reduced in all probability by the dispute of the last eleven days of the current championship behind closed doors due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

05/24/2020 at 13:41



This was pointed out to . José del Olmo, researcher of the Spanish Football Research, History and Statistics Center (CIH.), who stated that this end can only be documented at the end of the tournament, but that everything suggests that the advantage of playing at home is going to be reduced in the 110 games that remain in the competition.

From elm stated that concluding the League It is a solution because it provides sports justice and preserves many economic interests, but he also pointed out that the dispute of the last days without an audience, “cannot make us say that the competition is adulterated, but it is altered.”

Local advantage

“The historical data, the results and the declarations of players and technicians have shown over the years that the local team has an advantage and that this is the consequence of several factors, among which the support of the fans stands out, especially that it becomes a fundamental stimulus, “he added.

In the current season they have already been disputed 270 League matches with a balance of 129 local victories, almost half of the parties (47.7 percent), while draws have been 75 (27.7) and the vforeign ictoria 66 (24.4).

“In the origins of the League, there were more local victories than now because in addition to the public, circumstances that are currently barely contemplated influenced,” he said.

Factors of the past

In this regard, the fatigue for the long trips to play at home, the fact that the balls were not homologated and the local team or the conditions of the grass, “different in northern Spain where they were softer, compared to the southern fields, drier,” he analyzed.

“Until now, playing behind closed doors was a punishment and now it becomes a punishment for everyone, because visitors will also not be encouraged by fans who accompanied the teams on their trips,” he added.

The advantage of playing at home is diluted and From elm gave as an example the situation of the I raised, who has his stadium under construction and who has preferred to look for an alternative stage rather than playing at home as he cannot do so accompanied by his public.

At this point in the season, half of the teams have six games left at home and five away games, and the other ten, backwards, so it could be interpreted that those who are going to play one more game at home have lost some advantage.


It so happens that of the twenty clubs in First division, only two have been better this season at home than before their fans.

Sevilla, which is third with 47 points, have achieved one more point in their journeys than in Sánchez Pizjuán (23 by 24), while the bottom team Spanish Accumulate twenty points (8 at home and 12 as a visitor). In the Second Division Elche, Alcorcón and Albacete have scored more at home than in their stadium.