The American category will gradually recover normality

Other competitions may follow in his footsteps

IndyCar events at Road America and Iowa, which will each consist of two races on the same weekend, will again allow spectators to enter in a small number. It will be the first time fans have been allowed access this season, after their inaugural race in Texas that had to be held with the stands closed.

The world and society gradually return to normality after a very long and harsh period of stoppage due to the crisis that the coronavirus has produced and its effects, among which house confinement was the main characteristic.

With increasingly lower numbers of infections, a somewhat lower transmission rate and a much more controlled global position, the different organizers are beginning to take less restrictive measures, including a progressive relaunch of the activity and the acceptance of public, still in rare cases.

This example will be followed by IndyCar, since it will allow the Iowa and Road America races, which will be held on the second and third weekend of July, to be done with the presence of fans in the stands, as reported by the media GP Blog .

The measures, of course, include the distance of a meter and a half of separation required at all times. In addition, temperature samples will be taken at the entrance and only the essential personnel may enter the Paddock. Ticket sales will launch on June 26 at controlled prices, around $ 17 – about 15 euros at the current exchange rate.

This measure, however, has had some voices against it, since there are some groups that question whether it is something premature or if it can be carried safely in such a hurry. If anything, coming out might well be a precedent for F1 to win fans back in the stands, something not expected for the first eight races.

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