Continuing day for the Russell 2000, which ended the day on Thursday, August 13 with a slight rise in 0.22%, until the 1,579.79 points. He Russell 2000 marked a maximum of 1,590.09 points and a minimum volume of 1,575.96 points. The trading range for the Russell 2000 between its highest and lowest points (maximum-minimum) during this day it stood at the 0.89%.

In relation to the profitability of the last week, the Russell 2000 marks a rise in 2.28%, so that in the last year it still maintains a rise of 7.65%. He Russell 2000 a 7.36% below its maximum this year (1,705.22 points) and a 59.39% above its minimum valuation for the current year (991.16 points).

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