Stephen Jackson played 14 seasons in the NBA and won a ring with San Antonio Spurs in 2003. He was a great player, although he created problems in more than one of the squads, he lived together. At the end of his career he averaged 15.1 points between 2000 and 2014. He played for the Nets, the Spurs, the Hawks, the Pacers, the Warriors, Charlotte, the Bucks, again the Spurs and the Clippers. Almost nothing. He went on to average more than 20 points in three campaigns and more than 16 up to 9 times.

In short, he had an intense career, he was a great player, but he was also problematic and that is why he did not settle in any franchise despite his good work. Now, it seems that in his private life he has not been able to find a seat either. And it is that, as the Opencourt colleagues have explained, last month Jackson lived one of the most important moments of his life. Or at least he was about to experience it. And, apparently, Jackson was about to get married, but left his girlfriend and mother of his son lying before going through the altar for not being willing to sign a premarital agreement.

Jackson reportedly notified her the week before that she was going to cancel the marriage agreement if she didn’t agree to the signing. And so he did. She did not want to sign and Jackson did not want to get married.