The incredible amount of personal data that has been leaked through Facebook

04/06/2021 at 11:52 CEST

A group of hackers has shared an amount massive amount of personal data from Facebook users since January. It seems that this information has jumped into the public arena in recent days, since before it was only circulating on private networks. An anonymous user of a hacker forum leaked the entire dataset to the public, exposing up to 533 million Facebook users. The data includes phone numbers, dates of birth, emails, locations, and other controversial information.

31 million users are from the United States, 11 from the United Kingdom and 6 million would come from India. The rest would spread to a lesser extent among all countries in the world, including Spain. A Telegram bot allows you to search the database to determine if you have been one of the users whose data has been leaked. The intruders used a bug that Facebook fixed in August 2019, so the information is from before that fix. You shouldn’t be in danger if you are a new user or if you have changed your details recently.

Facebook you can’t do much more to defend yourself as the bug has been fixed. The social network could notify users affected by the failure, because they could be attacked by fraud and phishing.