The incidence falls again by 20 points and mortality decreases in relation to the last days, with 71 deaths

The accumulated incidence in 14 days per 100,000 inhabitants, the reference indicator to measure the evolution of the pandemic, has fallen again this Wednesday by 20 points and stands at 633.07 cases of coronavirus. Health has reported 21,874 new infections and 71 deaths in the last 24 hours.

In total, since the pandemic broke out, 4,545,184 people have been infected in Spain and 81,844 have died from covid-19.

Hospital pressure is also beginning to drop. If this Tuesday, the percentage of beds occupied by covid patients was 8.69%, this Wednesday it is 8.60%. In addition, more people are discharged again than those who enter. In the last 24 hours 1,407 people entered the hospital to stay for covid-19 and 1,449 said goodbye to the nightmare of admission.

The problem with this fifth wave remains, for now, in intensive care units. The percentage of critics has risen again this Wednesday and in 24 hours it has gone from 20.40% to 20.76%.

The communities with the accumulated incidence are the Balearic Islands (904.19), Navarra (766.79) and La Rioja (756.14). Catalonia, which led the incidence during the worst of the fifth wave, has an incidence of 710.29. The regions with the most controlled epidemic are: Ceuta (292.15), Melilla (427.21) and Asturias (435.81). The Community of Madrid has an incidence of (725.69).

The positivity rate per 100,000 inhabitants for tests to diagnose the virus is also on the decline. In the last 24 hours it has gone from 15.34% to 15.13%.

This Tuesday there was again the contrast between a sharp decline in incidence and a rebound in daily deaths, at the highest for almost two months, with.

Spain is making progress in its vaccination campaign, with 58% of the population immunized (almost 28 million), which is close to the 70% expected by the end of the month. But for the future application of third booster doses, the WHO has asked not to apply them yet in developed countries and to donate those vials to those most in need.

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