The incidence falls 20 points in one day but deaths mark the highest since June, with 130

The incidence loses 20 points in one day and remains at 653 points and, on the contrary, mortality marks its peak in almost two months, with 130 deaths. The curve of the covid shows a different evolution in recent dates and this Tuesday, Health has added 20,327 new infections.

Yesterday, Monday, the statistics collected a slight decrease in cases in relation to the previous beginnings of the week, a new decrease in the incidence, but a rebound in deaths, with 157, more than triple compared to previous Monday.

The ministry already confirms 4,523,310 infections in Spain, of which 10,206 have taken place in the last 24 hours. Of these, half come from Madrid (2,800) and Catalonia (2,332).

At the hospital level, ICUs continue to fill up and the figure reaches an average occupancy rate of 20.40% in Spain, with a slight drop in the rate of patients in the ward, which falls two tenths, to 8.69%.

The latest increases in mortality make the count of deaths at seven days move in records not seen in weeks. Health ratifies 280 victims of the covid in the previous seven days, 49 of them in Andalusia and 30 in Castilla y León as the main sources. The global number of deaths stands at 81,773.

By age group, the incidence continues to mark abysmal differences between adolescents (1,468.62 cases at 14 days) and young people aged 20-29 years (1,559) and the rest of the ages, although in a downward trend. Children under 12 have a rate of 584.27, while thirty-somethings have a rate of 784.91.

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