The impressive photos of the storm that covered the northeast of the United States with snow

The accumulation of snow in has closed several sites in New Jersey and has affected the timely delivery of vaccines. (Free Press Photo: .)

Since Monday, February 15, the cold coming from the Arctic has hit several states more used to a record of heat than of low temperatures, leaving dozens of deaths and forcing more than seven million Texans to boil water before drinking it.

There will be « snow and ice from the southern plains to the mid-Atlantic and northeast, » the National Weather Service (NWS) warned on Thursday. « The intense cold continues. »

In New York, which faces its third winter snowstorm, three inches of snow were recorded at 1:00 p.m. local time (6:00 p.m. GMT) in Central Park. But more snow is still expected at night, according to the NWS.

“An occasional snowstorm is always good but as we approach March it is a bit tiring. I’m ready for the warm weather to begin, ”said 18-year-old student Kara Dickson.

The mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, indicated that bad weather in much of the country has delayed the arrival of doses of the vaccine against covid-19 and prevented making about 30 thousand appointments to be vaccinated.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy also announced the closure of several vaccination sites.

More than 100 million people residing in the American Midwest have been affected by winter storms of varying intensity.

Electricity begins to gradually restore: Greg Abbott, the governor of Texas, the state hardest hit by the storms, said 1.6 million homes regained power on Wednesday the 17th.

A person crosses a street while snow falls in New York, New York, USA. (Free Press Photo: .)

But nearly a million people were still without power across the country on Thursday, some 360,000 of them in Texas, the energy capital, and the rest in Mississippi, Louisiana, Oregon and Kentucky, according to the site.

« Like sleeping in a cooler »

In Texas, millions were left without heat and used firewood, grills, gas generators and their own cars to heat up.

A woman and a girl died of carbon monoxide poisoning while trying to warm up in their parked, moving car, Houston police said.

The storm, which has caused widespread power outages in Texas and other parts of the United States, is expected to drop several inches of snow in the New York area and other parts of the East Coast. (Free Press Photo: .)

Energy companies also decreed rotating blackouts to face high consumer demand for heating, which coincided with the freezing of wind turbines, pipelines and power plants.

David Hernández, 38, spent the night in a Houston church with others who took refuge there from the cold.

« My car got buried and I tried to sleep in it but it was too cold, » he said. “The liquids in the car were freezing, it was like sleeping in a cooler. I had to come here. I had no choice ».

Texas authorities have opened about 300 « warming centers » across the state.

A person walks under the arch of Grand Army Plaza in the Prospect Heights neighborhood of the Brooklyn borough of New York City. (Free Press Photo: .)

Across the southern border, Mexican authorities reported that six people died from the cold.

« Failed state »?

Texas is the only continental US state with an independent power grid. But the cold exposed the failures of the network in the face of extreme temperatures and the effects of climate change.

Beto O’Rourke, former Democratic presidential candidate from Texas, warned that this could become « a failed state. »

People walk their dogs through the snow on February 18, 2021 in Guttenberg, New Jersey. (Free Press Photo: .)

Images of Republican Texas Senator Ted Cruz boarding a flight to the Mexican resort of Cancun during the crisis in his state generated outrage. His rivals are calling for his resignation, while Cruz said it was a one-night flight to leave his wife and children there and assured that he will be back on Thursday.

President Joe Biden ordered the federal emergency agency FEMA to coordinate rescue efforts in Oklahoma after the authorities declared an emergency in the state.

The freezing cold of recent days has so far left 38 dead throughout the country, most in traffic accidents, according to the US press. Dozens have been treated for carbon monoxide poisoning and hypothermia.

The accumulation of snow has closed several sites in New Jersey and has affected the timely delivery of vaccines against covid-19. (Free Press Photo: .)

The storm has sparked at least four tornadoes, including one in North Carolina that killed at least three people and injured 10, according to

Although the Arctic gusts begin to move away from Texas and the south, the NWS warned that the cold will continue.

Biden had to postpone to Friday a scheduled visit to a Pfizer plant that produces vaccines in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and the White House reported that the cold is impacting the delivery and distribution of vaccines.

Adults and children clear snow on a sidewalk in front of a house in New Jersey. (Free Press Photo: .)

The cold has not spared the animals. A dozen monkeys, including a 58-year-old chimpanzee, died in the cold at the Primarily Primates sanctuary near San Antonio, the organization said, without power since Monday.