the impressive mental benefits of a simple five-minute afternoon nap

It affects mental agility and even the prevention of neurological diseases.

Different studies by multiple scientists around the planet have already shown that good sleep is essential for health. In this order of ideas, the afternoon nap, the little evening escape. It’s good? A recent study affirms that without a doubt yes. In fact, it points out a lot of benefits that we tell you below.

First of all, this study was applied to older adults living in large cities in China. Daily Mail review that studied dream patterns of 2,214 people aged 60 and over. They also detailed that they make life in metropolis as Beijing, Shanghai and Xian.

Of the total number of people who underwent the study, 1,534 They said they used to take a nap in the afternoon. The times they said vary between five minutes and two hours. While, the 680 remaining reported that they do not have this custom.

Differences between taking a nap or not

After these more than 2,000 people were surveyed, each was screened for dementia. And the results obtained were quite considerable among those who take and do not take a regular nap.

Sleeping in the afternoon was related to common situations such as: memory of work, verbal fluency or sense of location. Plus, a regular nap could help fight dementia. Although for the latter, scientists need other research.

They explained in the article that the effects of a regular nap aids « memory consolidation, preparation for later learning, improved executive functioning, and a boost to emotional stability, but these effects were not seen in all cases. » detailed in their final report.