A few days ago, in a virtual meeting, he commented with Miguel Sánchez, from the technology area that with each passing day, the web grows more and more, and that as users we are constantly depending on web development. Something that is very clear to us, both Miguel and me, is that the web is one of the most revolutionary technologies in the world in recent years since it has had a great impact on society, such is the case that when much half of the world population is connected to the web through the Internet.

Migue and I commented that currently the interaction between people and web applications is increasing, nowadays we not only consult websites with the intention of seeing or reading certain information, but there are infinite tools that help us to solve different problems, there are currently huge and robust applications or systems that run through a browser. Cloud computing has been exponentially maximized and now we can do countless things through a web browser, for example working all kinds of office documents, using different tools that help the management of a company, having video conferences, playing in 3D, buy online, even use graphic design applications. There is no doubt, there are applications of all kinds.

For all this, web development technology is becoming more robust. Previously, the pages and applications were monolithic, that is, everything was built in a single package and it was a developer who created it. The web page was built complete in the backend or server and sent to the frontend or browser to present itself. With this, whenever certain information was required, the browser made a request to the server and the entire page was rebuilt, which reloaded the entire browser and this was very slow.

Today everything is different and we both agree on that, because currently the backend and frontend are completely separate worlds and both are extremely robust, communicating with each other asynchronously through REST APIs or websockets, modern javascript Frameworks They promote the creation of single page applications (SPA) which never reload the browser but only the information that is required, making them much faster and giving the user a more fluid experience such as desktop applications. All this also allows us to have more scalable systems since all the logic and programming of the backend can be reused for other interfaces or applications. For all this, there are now developers specialized in programming everything that happens on the server and developers specialized in programming everything that happens on the client or browser side.

Undoubtedly, technology is constantly and hastily advancing so web developers need to be at the forefront and constantly learning new technologies and trends so that we as users can lean on this technology and make our daily lives much easier and productive.

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