The importance of maintaining good hydration in the skin






There has always been talk of the aesthetic benefits of the keep skin hydrated. However, it is not only a question of beauty, but also of health. The habit of moisturizing the skin it is a process that must be given the importance it deserves.

The benefits of hydration

Among the benefits that are most talked about, without a doubt, is that the hydration of the footl prevents the appearance of wrinkles and signs of age. This is because dry skin loses collagen and thus aging is accelerated.

In addition, in general, hydration improves appearance. Among other consequences, it makes the fluid retention that occurs in the eyelids disappear and returns the skin to its natural shine and radiance.

In any case, apart from these benefits incurred in beauty, it is important to know that by hydrating the skin becomes more resistant. By having stronger and more flexible skin, protects sensitive areas such as the face of suffering due to external factors such as the weather or the makeup itself that is used.

Finally, proper hydration also prevents dryness due to the main factors that cause it: cold, dry air and sun, especially in summer.

All these benefits sum up the importance of hydrating your skin to maintain not only your beauty but also your health. But the next thing we must ask ourselves is: How do we achieve correct hydration?

How to properly hydrate the skin

The bases of a correct hydration for the skin are determined by daily activities. It is very important to drink at least one and a half liters of water a day, although it is preferable that they be two liters and that it is done constantly throughout the day, in no case all at once. On the other hand, taking care of your diet and eating healthy and varied also helps to maintain a healthy hydration of the skin.

However, daily beauty routines also come into play, something that should apply to both men and women. These routines usually include cleaning the skin of the face at least twice a day and the use of products such as moisturizers or serums.

These products are essential as complement and accelerate the skin’s hydration process that is done naturally. In addition, there are different types and with different purposes. For example, while some creams have the sole purpose of hydrating, others also serve to combat the signs of aging, and the serum is very good at brightening the skin. There are also variations depending on the age of who is going to use these products and even at what time of the day they are going to use them.

What is a factor to take into account is that everything that is going to be used on the skin must have a good quality. For example, the Saper brand is a good choice, which has a 100% natural cosmetic, without petroleum derivatives, silicones, parabens or alcoholFurthermore, it guarantees the best quality in its products, all of them tested by the best beauty centers.

In short, if you still do not have a hydration routine for your skin or if you have not given it the necessary importance so far, it is the best time to jump into it and to start taking care of yourselfEspecially now that summer is approaching, the high temperatures are coming and the sun can make the skin suffer.

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