The importance of hiring car insurance

It is indisputable that taking out car insurance is not nonsense and that any vehicle in circulation has the obligation to be insured. The law is very clear in this regard, therefore, it is necessary to have car insurance that contains at least some minimum coverage.

June 11, 2021 (1:20 PM CET)

The importance of purchasing car insurance from a reputable company.

In the automobile market there are different types of insurance and many insurance companies, so choosing the insurance that best suits your circumstances is quite a complicated task.

For this reason, in this post, we will try to help you select yours, shedding a little light on this very important topic. Join us!

Requirements to take into account before hiring your car insurance

It is obvious that good car insurance has to combine both an adequate price and good coverage. Of course, when hiring it, you must take into consideration both the various modalities that exist, as well as the criteria that come into play when determining the cost.

Vehicle use. If you only use it to go to the supermarket, make sure your assistance includes incidents that occur less than 25 kilometers from your home. Don’t get stuck with your shopping bags in the middle of the street!

Consider where your car sleeps. If you rest in the garage or on the street, to include or not the coverage for theft.

Thoroughly research what your policy actually coversWell, although there are all-risk insurance that claim to cover everything, when it comes down to it, they present a series of conditions that make “all-risk” an “impossible to cover.” Read all the fine print!

As you can see, there are several aspects to consider before acquiring the services of an insurance company. Something very important is that what you pay corresponds to what you hire and really covers. Your company must be a reliable and powerful entity, without ambiguities or folds, in which you feel safe and accompanied by any problem that may arise. We are talking about the RACC insurance.

What is RACC insurance like?

The RACC (Royal Automobile Club of Catalonia), is a company with a wide professional trajectory, which offers high quality services in various insurance categories to more than a million people and their families.

Its origins date back to 1906. On this date a group of motorists opted for the creation of the club. Currently, its partners are defined as specialists in personal, family, urgent health, mechanical and home care.

Likewise, it has the largest network of driving schools in Spain, providing 900,000 assistances a year and managing more than 600,000 insurance policies of different lines.

Your commitment

The RACC is based on a new culture of mobility that is more fluid, agile, intelligent, safe, affordable and respectful of the natural environment, promoting sustainable mobility through studies, campaigns, training and advice on road safety, mobility management and the environment environment.

Among its standards, the following stand out:

Reputation. Currently, it is a fact that it is the largest automobile club in Spain and an outstanding reference organization both in the field of mobility at an international and national level.

Innovation, hand in hand with the best cutting-edge technology.

Fidelity. They are one hundred percent loyal to their partners.

Closeness. You will always find someone willing to help you on the other end of the phone.

Quality, with the guarantee offered by the constant improvement of the care and services they provide.

In short, if you want to drive quietly, contacting them is very easy through their website.

So, come in now, they will be delighted to assist you!

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