The importance of Baron Zemo in ‘Falcon and the Winter Soldier’

It is likely that if you are not familiar with the world of comics, you would be surprised to meet the Baron Zemo. But for long-running fans of the Marvel world, the arrival of one of the most brilliant villains in the universe is good news, especially his return in Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

The Baron Zemo It appeared at the end of episode two and made its debut in chapter three of the series, in the middle of a very complex point of the plot. And for the benefit of the character, the scriptwriters decided to rescue part of the original context that surrounds him for his version of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If you are one of those who do not have much idea why the character revealed a surprising status of noble and money in the hands, we will clarify it for you.

From Sokovia to Madripoor, we summarize everything you should know about the villain of the Disney Plus series.

A long list of evil characters

In Marvel, Helmut Zemo He belongs to a considerable list of aristocrats with obvious penchant for evil. The barony line originates from Zeulniz, Germany, and spans 13 generations. Of course, with such scope, the family fortune is formidable and its political sympathies ambiguous. In fact, Heinrich Zemo, his father, was an important ally of HYDRA and the Nazis during the Second World War.

A curious data? Heinrich Zemo was a strong rival of Red Skull and the Baron strucker to lead the deadly organization. And his considerable financial resources have always favored him.

Disney Plus

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In the comic, Baron Zemo’s father is responsible for Captain America’s disappearance.

The subtle lines that join Zemo with the plot of Falcon and the Winter Soldier. In the series, Sam grapples with the responsibility of wearing the iconic shield and becoming a symbol of good. At the same time, John Walker takes it by imposition of power.

Finally Zemo, who is in the middle of the whole situation, in a kind of surprising complicity that puzzled the audience. In general, everything seems to indicate that the character’s betrayal is imminent. But they do not emphasize the context that it might have, or its interest in everything that happens..

In the comics, the relationship between the family Zemo and the Captain America it is much more complicated. In the first confrontation between the two, Baron Heinrich Zemo is left with his face accidentally disfigured. Heinrich’s revenge was to orchestrate a plan in which Bucky died -Apparently- and Steve Rogers lost at sea.

The Zemo family is a great enemy of Captain America

The enmity between the characters runs deeper. The family patriarch devoted a good deal of resources and effort to defeating Steve Rogers, to no avail. So after his death, Helmut continued the conflict.

That twisted need for revenge made Helmut decide to cover his face with a mask like his father’s, to demonstrate his intentions. He also founded a team of Masters of Evil, like his father and strove to gain control of HYDRA. In the end, the Zemo family has a vested interest in destroying Captain America’s legacy..

Could this whole story be part of the context of Zemo in the series on Disney Plus?

The comic and the Marvel Cinematic Universe unite in the third chapter of ‘Falcon and the Winter Soldier’

In the third chapter of Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Helmut Zemo takes on his full personality as a Baron. In fact, the conversation you have with Black panther about his family in Captain America: Civil War takes on a new meaning. His father died protecting his family in Sokovia, which means that his plan for revenge has an immediate relationship with the comics.

It is of enormous interest that the series has revealed Zemo’s past. That contextualizes his possible intentions, and the fact that he has so much knowledge about the super soldier serum. Beyond everything he learned to carry out his revenge, Zemo’s identity holds a dangerous backstory. What is the character’s hidden agenda?

Zemo goes for more than revenge

Baron Zemo / Falcon and the Winter SoldierBaron Zemo in Falcon and the Winter Soldier

All of the above confirms that there are a number of problems that Sam and Bucky seem to ignore. Like for example, what Zemo has far more resources than the main duo of Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Although at first Zemo presented himself as a man grieving the death of his family, his new power status points to a hoax. Did he really just want revenge, or is his strategy part of something more elaborate? Did you have enough to comfort your pain with a barehanded showdown between Tony Stark and Steve Rogers?Was five years enough for you to forget what happened?

In practical terms and based on the comic, everything points to no. That, in fact, even though it might seem that Zemo’s pain was all that motivated him, there is something else. So much so that his figure is known in Madripoor for having contacts in the criminal world. Search for the Super Soldier’s Serum, but kill Dr. Nagel. At the same time, he seems to want to help but his criminal brain seems to be two or three steps away from Sam or Bucky.

Is Isaiah Bradley Baron Zemo’s next target? Whatever awaits us in the next three chapters, one thing is clear: it is more like his version of the comics than ever.