The Clausura 2020 had 7 days remaining and the Liguilla (Photo art: Jovani Pérez Silva / Infobae México)

After making itself known this Thursday the cancellation (without a champion team) of the tournament Closing 2020 Given the impossibility of reactivating itself due to the exponential increase in infections of coronavirus (COVID-19) In Mexico, many doubts have arisen about what will follow in the Liga MX in the coming months.

Among the topics is the economic situation of the clubs, because with the absence of matches revenues have been depleted. According to a financial calculation made by Iván Pérez, a journalist from Forbes México, the losses would be approximately 3,943 million pesos.

The above includes the spill generated by fans going to stadiums, both for the tickets and for the food and drinks. It is worth mentioning that seven days left to be disputed, in which each had nine games; also the 14 of the league, between quarters, semifinal and final, all round trip.

Broadcasting rights are the clubs’ main source of income (Photo: .)

However, the above only means 25% of the income of each club. Most come from broadcasting rights (50%) and sponsorship (25%).

And the trend is that the televisions (Televisa-TUDN, TV Azteca, Fox Sports and ESPN) they will pay less than they have been doing to the clubs for transmitting their matches due to the great losses that the stoppage and subsequent cancellation of the season meant.

The same will happen with sponsors, the contracts will come down thinking of times of economic recovery.

Salary reduction

According to a publication in the newspaper AS México, for weeks the directives of the Mexican soccer teams began to approach their players to “sensitize” them about the complicated financial situation that they are living in order to reach an agreement to renegotiate their contracts for next season and lower their perceptions.

In the first instance, the idea did not sit well with most footballers who do not want to see their pockets affected.

Soccer players are threatened to accept salary reductions, assured the AMFpro (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

Each club has its own renegotiation scheme, but on average, it is intended to make a reduction in salaries of between 20 and 30% players in order to maintain the proper operation of the institution.

As you will remember, the majority of Liga MX teams applied a partialization in the payment of salaries for their footballers In order to be able to free the stoppage derived from the health contingency, but decided upon and the cancellation of Closing 2020, the reduction of the payroll is a fact.

On average, the payment of payroll of the soccer players represents to a club 50% of their expenses.

Development of the Liga MX Femenil

Several brands opted to exclusively sponsor the women’s league (Photo: Instagram / taniamorales_10

Women’s campuses will also be affected in the business. Just in payment of wages, the clubs invested before the pandemic between 10 and 11 million pesos per tournament, which in itself meant that a monthly average of wages was five thousand pesos, reads in Iván Pérez’s study.

Also, just like in men’s soccer, the brands that have decided to bet on the League will be affected by their 100% exposure. Among the main companies that have allocated money exclusively to be in teams of the MX Women’s League are MTY Bariatrics, Vicky Form, La Zarza, to name a few.

Even some clubs like Chivas, León, Pachuca, Santos and Tijuana managed to obtain income for the sale of broadcasting rights from their women’s teams to the Fox Sports network, which they will surely reduce.

The fertilizers of the hobby

The situation of the sold ticket has not been defined (Photo: Screenshot / ESPN)

Although attendance in soccer stadiums in Mexico has decreased in recent years, mainly due to the increase in prices and the greater offer of entertainment in the largest cities, during the Closing 2020 (before the break) the average attendance at stadiums was 21,836 people, according to a report by Liga MX.

Many of them bought a compost that allowed them to enter throughout the season as in the league, now they only have the uncertainty on the rights acquired by buying it after the contest was canceled.

Only the Tigres club has issued a statement about it where they regretted the situation and that in the next few days they will determine how to carry out the remuneration process.


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