The impact of the new WhatsApp conditions in Spain will be minimal | Technology

A survey states that 82% of Spanish users will accept the new conditions of use of WhatsApp, and the remaining 18% consider them “unacceptable.”

In just a few hours, the new conditions of use and privacy policy of WhatsApp are implemented, changes that will affect European customers to a lesser extent due to the General Data Protection Regulation, but that they must also accept.

Although the user will not lose his account, at least initially, if he does not accept the new terms of use and privacy policy of WhatsApp before May 15, Yes, I could observe some limitation of functions as the weeks go by, in addition to an annoying pop-up window inviting you to accept them.

Regarding Spanish WhatsApp users, at least 82% will accept the new terms and conditions of the messaging app, according to a survey shared by the research platform to Appinio.

This survey, in which they have asked WhatsApp users between 15 and 65 years old, It has also brought other really surprising data such as that 64% of people were unaware of the existence of these new conditions, and where 46% of respondents do not know what data the platform can access once we accept it.

Of all the people who are expected to accept the new terms of use, 63% of them have accepted them “just to be able to continue using the service”.

Regarding the 18% of the remaining respondents, they have assured that they will not accept the new conditions of use and privacy policy of WhatsApp considering them “unacceptable”. It would be necessary to see if these remaining users change their minds as the weeks go by when many of their functions in the application are limited and that they would be taking advantage of other family members or friends.

WhatsApp has many functions, but it lacks some interesting options that we find in other messaging apps. These are some that you could copy.

Although not accepting the new terms of use and privacy policy at first will not make any difference, the problems will come after a few weeks. As WhatsApp shared a few days ago, Failure to accept its terms will result in persistent reminders that could even appear every time we open the application to reply to a message.

If the user still does not accept them, certain functions will begin to be limited, such as the option of answering messages from the application itself or even receiving and sending calls.

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