The ideal opponents to face Drew McIntyre.

Drew McIntyre is our new maximum WWE champion and he can make us really enjoy it. These are the ideal opponents to face Drew McIntyre.


Jinder is almost recovered from his injury and can go big again. As the first rivalry of Drew’s reign the Maharaja can be a great option. Jinder and Drew they were partners in 3MB and they could build us a very interesting rivalry between them 2. With everything they have in the past it would be easy for them to attract people in this first title defense. This fight would be good for the 2, it would be a rivalry that would make Mahal come back in style entering the maximum scene back, he is also a rival who physically looks credible to face the Scottish psychopath. For Drew, this first rivalry against his former partner would help him start his reign with very interesting rivalries for fans.


Messiah Rollins is one of the best RAW fighters and with his new character he is attracting a lot of people. Drew and Seth could give us a most entertaining rivalry. Seth enlisting the help of AoP and Murphy, attacking Drew at weekly shows to forge this first rivalry would be ideal. This rivalry would also help the 2 fighters, defining Rollins’ character as hell messiah, who with his faction would look very dominant and powerful, and with Drew beating Rollins a former champion of the top title who does nothing to starring events.


Perhaps a very crazy idea to see Tommaso as a contender for the title, but it would certainly be a great rivalry. Ciampa would leave NXT and go to the main roster with great force and what better way to enter the main roster than facing the Wwe world champion. Of the fighters in Wwe, Ciampa is one of the most credible. It has a defined character that the public likes. It is true that fans are usually not very pleased to see a very forced mega push with a fighter who has been on the main roster for a short time. But I think that in this case the fans would not be angry at all and it would be to start Drew’s reign with a dream rivalry. In order not to leave Ciampa badly standing in this rivalry, there could be an appearance of Gargano attacking him and costing him the fight. They would resume their main roster rivalry and Ciampa would have that excuse to have a rematch with Drew later. It’s a very crazy and unlikely idea, but don’t tell me it doesn’t sound good.


They built Lars Sullivan as the next dominant figure tearing everyone apart. Unfortunately Sullivan was injured a long time ago. Since Mahal has little left to recover and be 100%. The way they built Lars Sullivan made him look like an opponent to be reckoned with and this fight between 2 of the most powerful fighters on the main roster would be a real train wreck.


Actually this option is the one that least pleases fans but if we enter Tyson Fury’s Instagram we can see how the 2 pullites are already being launched and that they may have already started their feud by networks and follow him in the ring. Fury is not a rival that draws much attention to fans. Tyson is not a wrestling fighter, he is a professional boxing star, but not wrestling. Her fight with Strowman was at least boring with a slow pace and horrible ending. It is true that Tyson dared with wrestling moves and perhaps he has expanded his arsenal of movements, but equally he is not a rival that catches our attention. We will see if this pique by Instagram is transferred to the ring.


Last on the list is Bobby Lashley a fighter who has already worked with Drew and actually had a very good fight in Impact Wrestling. Two powerhouses who have already worked together, who have a good rapport in the ring and who could give us another good fight between them. Bobby is not in a good time at Wwe but he is also a guy who already imposes himself due to his physical form, and it should not be very difficult to make a person with the physical characteristics of Bobby Lashley look credible. If he accumulates a few wins and is separated from Lana, Bobby can go back to being what he was and deliver a spectacular rivalry.

These are the ideal rivals for our champion Drew McIntyre that we hope it offers us rivalries and frantic combats that make us excited. Drew is our man and we wish him the best of luck that this title deserves it.