From Great Britain they doubt that the proposal goes ahead

Mercedes is still against changing the format

The proposal to organize qualifying races with an inverted grid in two events of the F1 World Cup has lost ground in the last hours. To get ahead, it would need the unanimity of the teams and at the moment it does not have it.

Negotiations to organize inverted grid qualifying races have been halted and right now it seems unlikely that the proposal will go ahead, according to British magazine Autosport.

Holding qualifying races with a reverse grid was an idea that was put on the table last Friday at the last meeting of the team leaders, Formula 1 and the FIA. It wanted to be done in two of the events of the new 2020 season. Although the proposal had the support of most teams, Mercedes was against it and Racing Point was undecided and asked for more time to reach a conclusion.

However, it seems that the proposal in the end will not go ahead and in fact has not been voted on. Mercedes remains against it and defends that it is not necessary to resort to tricks to have exciting races, despite the complaints of numerous fans in recent years due to the dominance of the Germans.

One of those who supports the idea is the head of Red Bull, Christian Horner, who considers that F1 is in the best moment to test with inverted grills.

“I think having to start from the back of the grid based on the championship position would be something really entertaining for the fans, something positive for Formula 1 and something we shouldn’t be afraid to try,” Horner said yesterday at statements to Sky.

“The proposal seems to have received overwhelming support. The only person who did not particularly support it was Toto Wolff because he thought it would interfere with the season of the Lewis World Seventh Championship,” added the Red Bull man to finish.

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