The Ibex 35 collects benefits from the great last week

July 26, 2021 Eduardo Bolinches José Manuel Del Puerto

Generalized decreases which we are seeing in the Asian markets with the exception of the Tokyo Stock Exchange which rises 1.04% while the Sydney Stock Exchange drops 0.05%, the Shanghai Stock Exchange corrects 2.30% and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange fell 2.93%.

For their part, US futures are also correcting and we have the future of the Dow Jones that is down 0.40%, that of the S&P 500 that falls 0.28% and that of the technological Nasdaq 100 with a decrease of 0.12 %.

Lows that are spreading to European night futures as we see them drop 0.40% to the German Dax future while the Euro Stoxx 50 future is down 0.56%.

All this leaves us with an opening scenario with an expected bearish gap around 8,688 points in the Spanish selective, which leaves us in a profit-taking situation in which we will have to see how much the accumulated earnings of the week are corrected previous.

In addition, we will have a flood of business results to watch as well as the IFO index of business confidence in Germany or the sales of new homes in the US.


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