The auto industry goes through a very deep slump, however, this does not mean that the brands are stopped, on the contrary, they direct their batteries towards the bets that look winning. Such is the case of General Motors that takes up marketing for a model that had many admirers and that in its new version could provide it with many horsepower: the new Hummer.

We know that there are models that, although they have not remained in the market for many years, generated engagement with the consumer, one of them is the SUV of the American automaker.

Not a classic but inspires nostalgia

The Hummer is inspired by the Humvee, a vehicle for military use that is clearly very ugly in aesthetics and much more in comfort, that was the key for GM to make it an aspirational model despite its high cost; by giving it ergonomics, maneuverability and luxury.

It was launched in the 1990s and discontinued in 2010, however it was an off-road vehicle purchased by many figures in the sports, entertainment and even political industries.

Now GM knows that the consumer is not keen to buy bulky and expensive vehicles, unless they appeal to one of the main market trends: electric cars. And this is the bet for the Hummer EV.

It already gave a first look at this new model with an announcement for the Super Bowl LIV and now it is resuming the marketing for the electric SUV that, as main rivals will have the Ford Bronco and the Tesla Cybertruck.

In the video of approximately one minute published on YouTube that also stars LeBron James, some of the expected characteristics and capabilities are described, but it is also revealed that it will not only arrive in Pick up, but also in an SUV.