The hummer ev wants to be a lego kit

Lego Ideas is a division of the Danish toymaker that gives the opportunity for user-developed models to become marketable sets.

For Lego to contemplate taking this proposal to toy stores, it must get 10,000 votes in two years. Until today carries 1,129 votes (since March 11) and he still has more than a year (515 days) left to achieve his mission.

Gallery: This is the Hummer EV that seeks to be an official Lego kit.

Its creator proposes a fully functional and remotely operated set of the GMC electric Hummer in its pick-up variant. It reproduces very well its characteristic front end, the powerful fenders and the huge off-road tires, among other details.


There is also no shortage of interior similarities, with seats that mimic the design of the original or flat pieces that emulate the screens that dominate the interior of the colossal electric SUV.

The model consists of 2,200 pieces and has gone through some adjustments. For example, they added removable ceiling panels, with transparent pieces as if they were made of glass. It is also equipped with four electric motors, one per wheel, for total traction, and also the four wheels are directional, like the real model.

It includes an adjustable suspension, which in the toy raises the body several millimeters by means of a set of sprockets that raise the shock absorbers. The real Hummer EV has three ground clearance settings, between 257mm (Normal) and 404mm (Extract Mode).

Hummer EV Lego


Its four doors have opening, as well as the hood and the rear area. The tailgate replicates GMC’s MultiPro system, based on a hinged door that becomes either a panel or a step to access the deck. The lid covers the platter also opens and is equipped with shock absorbers.

So that, Alain B.’s Electric Hummer Seeks Space in Lego Garage and it is not his first attempt, as he has shaped other kits such as the Jeep Wrangler or the BMW i8, both also functional and remote control.

Hummer EV Lego


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