The Hoy Program is singled out for “unconscious” for risking children

The Hoy Program is singled out for “unconscious” for risking children | Instagram

Unconscious! That was the way Alex Kaffie walked towards Andrea Rodriguez Doria, producer of the Hoy Program by ensuring that it is going to risk children in search of increasing its audience.

The Villain of the Shows did not stop thinking and supposing that the morning star of Televisa would be risking everything to small children to carry out his new reality show Los Chiquillos en Hoy, which was already announced by the host Galilea Montijo in the program of TV.

Kaffie considers that Magda Rodríguez’s sister is very unconscious when carrying out The Chiquillos in Today In the midst of a new wave of Covid-19, participating in the contest would imply that the boys would appear on the television forum, interact with each other and even with the drivers, something that would increase the chances of a contagion.

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It should be noted that the current wave of Covid-19 has been characterized by mainly affecting young people and those under 18 years of age, so that at this time children would be a vulnerable population.

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What is also important to remember is that the planning of the new reality show of the Hoy Program was carried out when the epidemiological situation in the country was more controlled, so the producer probably did not see this as a risk for the participants.

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Television stations have taken some measures to avoid Covid-19 in their corridors and forums, which range from the use of face masks by production and tests Covid arranges regularity, but these measures have not exempted them from having outbreaks among celebrities .

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The most recent case was in Guerreros, which suspended its recordings for a week due to the multiple “positives” that occurred between the production, conductors and participants. Could it be that the arrival of Los Chiquillos en Hoy on the screen is postponed?

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