the Hospital de Valme (Seville) expands its ICU positions from 14 to 36

The «high healthcare pressure» in the Valme Hospital in Seville has forced to activate new measures in its intensive care unit (ICU), which will go from 14 to 36 positions, which represents an increase of 157%.

This expansion responds to Contingency Plan against coronavirus (Covid-19) of the Directorate of the South Sanitary Management Area of ​​Seville, which thus seeks to adapt spaces and reorganize surgery in need of intensive post-surgical care for critical patients due to Covid.

The measures, as indicated in a statement by the management of the hospital center, respond to “the care needs detected in the course of the evolution of the pandemic.” The restrictions adopted by the Junta de Andalucía last Tuesday, with the extension of the curfew and the forced closure of non-essential businesses at 6 p.m. They have managed to relieve the health pressure in their first week: this Monday there were 22 deaths, the lowest figure in eight days, and 2,127 cases, 1,200 less than last Monday.

In addition, the data reflect a “contained decrease” in hospital admissions for Covid-19, although a rebound in critical patients in recent days. The Board thus intends «to respond to the needs of this moment focused on critically ill patients ”and for this, healthcare spaces and support personnel have been reorganized, together with the acquisition of precise electromedical equipment.

This measure entails the reorganization of the scheduled surgical activity of patients who require ICU beds in their post-operative period. The aim is that “for an eventual period, where the high care pressure in the ICU is maintained, the greatest number of care posts can be cleared to guarantee their coverage.”

Since the beginning of this second wave of coronavirus, and within the scope of the ICU, the Board points out that this center has been adapting three healthcare spaces according to the healthcare demand and following its contingency plan to face the pandemic. The objective has been to generate a greater number of care posts for critical patients, within the established double care circuit. Thus, together with the usual UCI facilities, two more spaces had been activated so far: the former facilities of the surgical day hospital, converted into ICU 2, together with the new surgical day hospital, for multipurpose use for outpatient care, hospitalization and ICU.

UCI positions rise 157%

The Board highlights that it has increased by 157% the provision of care posts for critical patients in this second wave of the pandemic, after the “high pressure” in his ICU in recent days, a new space for critical patients has been activated, a part of the Post-surgical Resuscitation Unit, which is compensated with an operating room designed to support these functions .

As a result, the number of care posts currently available at the Valme University Hospital for critical patients in this double circuit (covid patients and patients with other very serious pathologies) exceeds twice the usual number. Specifically, it has gone from 14 to 36 positions with the activation of the current measure, translated into an increase of 157%.

Likewise, from the Surgical Block, in collaboration with surgical specialties, a great effort is being made to reprogram the activity parts and promote surgery without admission. Add the support in ICU of several specialties: Anesthesia, Cardiology and Vascular Surgery, mainly. In addition to full coverage of material, as is the case with the availability of respirators.

The managing director of the South Health Management Area of ​​Seville, María Jesús Pareja, highlighted the “magnificent work” that is being carried out from all clinical services, an activity that integrates the implementation of “the different measures that, in an organized way, are activated to give a timely response to the needs included in the phases of the contingency plan, always with the support of the services to guarantee the highest quality and safety guarantees for both patients and professionals ”.