Despite the fact that the coronavirus situation is far from controlled in the United States, the NBA is preparing to return in mid-July, probably at the Walt Disney Resort complex. Since it is not yet known whether the 30 teams will play there or only the qualifiers to the playoffs, all franchises will try to get ready, at least physically. The last case of this is the Charlotte Hornets.

The franchise that is owned by Michael Jordan added to the long list of franchises that his training center opened and there are already more than 20 teams that can train, with the corresponding protocols. The Hornets are currently not in the playoff zone, but players can still volunteer to train.

With the Knicks and Nets also opening, the rest of the franchises that have not yet given many details (such as the Mavericks, the Warriors and the Wizards) are expected to open soon and the rosters can gradually return to practice for a while. The Hornets will also open their training center