The hope of a festival like the old ones, the key to music this summer

Group of friends at a festival. (Photo: Klaus Vedfelt via .)

Hugs, kisses, people together singing and dancing without masks or distance. It seems like a festival utopia, but this was lived in Wuhan (China) – epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic – in May 2020. In Spain that situation is not yet glimpsed in any musical event, but little by little it is making its way.

With the hopes pinned on vaccination and the epidemiological situation that invites moderate optimism, what better way to celebrate than with a festival.

However, many big names in the sector such as MadCool, BBK Live or Primavera Sound have postponed their edition to 2022 due to the coronavirus pandemic and, in large part, due to the weight of international names, still with difficulties to do a tour of several countries.

In this sense, the promoter The Music Republic and its big dates have also been affected. “Our most international festivals, FIB and Arenal Sound, have already been postponed to 2022 so we hope that next year those restrictions will have disappeared and the market will function normally,” they tell El HuffPost.

In parallel to this, a very different scenario arises for medium-sized festivals, which see 2021 as an opportunity. The Sonorama Ribera (Aranda de Duero, Burgos) presented its poster for August 12, 13 and 14 and sold out the first batches of promotional tickets with a very important claim: it will be without safety distance and standing, although the use of face masks will be mandatory.

In this context, there are those that go further, such as the Cruïlla (Barcelona), which also launches its 2021 edition as a “come back to life” thanks to a control with an antigen test, as its director Jordi Herreruela says. For this, it has been fundamental …

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