The hobbies of all Exatlon contestants

Telemundo Viviana Michel is part of Team Famosos in Exatlon USA.

EXATLON has become not only a competition in which athletes with great physical qualities show their best abilities, but also a space for viewers to learn about the stories of each of the athletes, who have shown themselves with great honesty before the viewers.

And beyond the applause that the participants of the Telemundo reality show take night after night, several of them have wanted to reveal very intimate details so that the public knows them much better.

Through a funny video, in which several of the contestants spoke openly about those things that make them unique, both Reds and Blues confessed their hobbies that many would not even imagine.

Wilmarie Negrón gave the introduction to the clip, assuring that “we all have some quirks that give us a bit of identity and that touch of originality”, allowing Viviana Michel to be the first to reveal her peculiarity in behavior.

“One hobby I have is that while I’m cooking a dish, or cooking on the stove, I have to be cleaning the dishes, because, I don’t know why I can’t eat if she turned to see the kitchen and all the dishes were there. dirty, “said the Mexican in the Telemundo video.

Likewise, Dania Aguillón confessed that she cannot feel that she is dirty while she eats and is addicted to napkins.

“While I’m eating, I have to have too many napkins, because I can’t see my dirty hands, or even anything. So I need napkins to continue eating, ”said the EXATLON athlete.

Andoni García, of the Blues, for his part, said that his mania even comes out in places that are not his.

“I cannot see a crooked picture. If I go to a house, and I see a crooked painting, I have to straighten it ”, assured the competitor.

Nathalia Sánchez was even funnier when she revealed her mania.
“I have to pee before every run, every race. I don’t even want to, but I know I’m going, and I have to pee, ”said the Colombian from the Reds.

Jacobo García, for his part, mentioned that his hobby, which appears in all competitions, has to do with his long and famous hair.

“Every time I go to a circuit I have to adjust this bun very well, because sometimes I feel that if it comes off, I will not do well in the race,” said EXATLON’s Tarzan.
Mirna Almada mentioned that she often repeats the statement someone makes, as if it were a tape recorder.

“I discovered it, well Leon discovered it and I ask a lot when they make a statement, for example (if someone says I don’t like that circuit, she asks: Don’t you like that circuit?). Always, always, ”said the young woman from the Blues.

And Jeyvier Cintrón was the one who came out with one of the rarest manias, as he confessed that he usually hits his face every day to be able to have energy and bring out his fury.

In this link you can see the complete confessions of the hobbies of the EXATLON participants.

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