The historic snowfall of the storm Filomena, from space in satellite images

This Monday the clouds have lifted allowing us to see impressive portraits of the historic snowfall that has buried Madrid and other parts of Spain under a thick blanket of snow. The communication team of the Directorate General for the Defense Industry and Space of the European Commission has shared with us these exceptional images of snowy Madrid through the lens of the Sentinel 2 satellite.

In addition to the city of Madrid under the snow, in the images of this Monday, we can see the Adolfo Suárez de Madrid – Barajas airport completely snowed. Only a few runways could be cleared to operate a few flights (the two straight black lines we observed). The snowfall forced the suspension of all flights for the weekend, complicating the lives of thousands of travelers.

The expert Pierre Markuse has obtained an impressive image that shows half of the Iberian Peninsula under the snow, thanks to the Sentinel 3 satellite of Copernicus that covers a greater surface although with a little less detail.

Another great expert in obtaining satellite images, Iban Ameztoy, has processed a video with different shots of Madrid under the snowfall.

We have also been able to see like never before the towns of the south of Madrid such as Fuenlabrada, Getafe or Parla.

The band photographed by the Sentinel 2 satellite also makes it possible to “descend” to the limit of the Filomena snowfall, in Herrera del Duque, Badajoz.

Or go up to the northern limit, in Zamora and Valladolid, where it has snowed very little.

Between Extremadura, Castilla la Mancha and Castilla y León, the Tiétar Valley also got rid of the snow.

However to the north, Ávila woke up covered with snow and still with clouds.

Segovia, quite accustomed to snow, this time has gotten rid of the worst and dawned less snowy than other cities.

Nor have we ever seen Toledo like this, the city of three cultures.

Wrapped in snow, Aranda de Duero also appeared.

The Sentinel 2 satellite has photographed a band between Alcalá de Henaras and the Portuguese border approximately.

On the western border of the nevada we also find Salamanca.

The Directorate General for the Defense Industry and Space of the European Commission (under the orders of the Commissioner for Industry Thierry Breton) manages, among other services, the Copernicus terrestrial observation network that, divided into several services such as Climate Change, Atmosphere , Emergencies, Land, Sea or Security, provides information with open access to the public, companies and authorities.

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