The star system is one of the immovable pillars of the audiovisual industry. The cinema used that dome of glittering stars to become a spectacle for the masses, and a century later idolatry continues to be a determining factor in the bosom of high-budget productions. Therefore, year after year, Forbes collects income data from the highest paid actors, taking into account both the salaries contributed by the studies and the parallel business projects of the interpreters analyzed. In 2020, as was the case last year, the great winner has been Dwayne Johnson.

It must be taken into account that the data collected includes the income obtained between June 2019 and June 2020, so the ailments of the pandemic are not yet apparent. In that period of time, the influence of streaming platforms has had a colossal impact, especially if we look at Netflix’s investment. The service commanded by Ted Sarandos and Reed Hastings has disbursed more than a quarter of the sum of the ten highest paid actors, influencing the top positions. Compared to the previous year, the great losers have been the members of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, who after the end of the third phase have been left out of the list. Those affected have been Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Bradley Cooper, Chris Evans and Paul Rudd, who have given way to new additions in a top 10 that looks like this:

one Dwayne johnson

Dwayne Johnson in « Jumanji: The Next Level »

For the second year in a row, The Rock is Hollywood’s biggest star after amassing $ 87.5 million. To achieve this leadership, the 23.5 million received by Netflix to star in the film ‘Red Notice’In addition to the lucrative agreement Johnson has with Under Armor, the textile company that houses his clothing and footwear line. Next year – if all goes well – we’ll see him on « Jungle Cruise » and « Black Adam », so his dominance may be more alive than ever.

two Ryan reynolds

Ryan Reynolds in ‘Shadow 6’

The biggest breakthrough on the list has been Ryan Reynolds, who has won $ 71.5 million throughout the last year. The key to this emergence? Well, of course, Netflix. The streaming platform has turned the protagonist of « Deadpool » into one of his most recognizable faces, paying him 20 million dollars for ‘6 in the shade’ and the same cache for ‘Red Notice’. To these collaborations another action film will soon be added, and, according to Forbes, it could charge 30 million for the musical version of « A Christmas Carol » that Apple is preparing.

3 Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg in ‘Spenser: Confidential’

The third place is also determined by Netflix. With 58 million dollars added to his checking accounts, Mark Wahlberg has exploited his producer side with ‘McMillions’ and ‘Wahl Street’, but the bulk of its collection corresponds to its participation in the action film ‘Spenser: Confidencial’. Right now, the actor is shooting « Uncharted » which, after recovering from many setbacks in its pre-production, could become one of the great Sony franchises after sweeping the world of video games.

4 Ben affleck

Ben Affleck in « The Way Back »

After losing the role of Batman to Robert Pattinson, Ben Affleck’s career was kept on a low profile. His biggest contribution in 2019 was his role in the Netflix movie ‘Triple Frontier’, and throughout the following year The premiere on the platform of ‘His last wish’ has been vital to sneak into the list with a total of $ 55 million. In addition, it has released « The Way Back » in theaters, one of the productions that premiered before the global outbreak of the coronavirus, remaining in limbo during the pandemic.

5 Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel on the « Fast & Furious 9 » poster

At the equator of the list is Vin Diesel, whose income has risen to $ 54 million during the last twelve months. The delay of the premiere of « Fast & Furious 9 » has prevented you from being in a higher position, but his involvement in the animated fiction of the ‘Espías at full throt’ franchise, which can already be seen on Netflix, has kept him in a commendable financial state.

6 Akshay kumar

Akshay Kumar in « Padman »

It is common to find Indian stars on these listings. The Bollywood industry remains one of the most unstoppable, and one of its biggest banners is Akshay Kumar, who has won $ 48.5 million. Part of this income comes from Asian star deal with Amazon Prime Video, announced in 2019 amid flames, but the hefty figure is fueled above all by the numerous trade agreements that Kumar maintains.

7 Lin-Manuel Miranda

Lin-Manuel Miranda in ‘Hamilton’

One of the industry milestones in 2020 was the acquisition of the filmed version of « Hamilton » by Disney for a whopping $ 75 million. After altering its launch plans, the long-awaited content landed on Disney + in July, becoming one of its most requested products, and leading, along the way, Lin-Manuel Miranda to debut on the list with 45.5 million dollars.

8 Will Smith

Will Smith in « Bad Boys For Life »

From a beginner to a classic in this top. Will Smith has managed to remain a fireproof star, driven by your investment to boost your social media presence. Thanks to this digital presence, where he produces exclusive content, and his role in the movie « King Richard », the protagonist of ‘The Prince of Bel Air’ has managed to raise $ 44.5 million.

9 Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler in « Uncut Gems »

Another benchmark in the industry – regardless of who it may be – is Adam Sandler, who is no longer seen so much on the big screens, but who, thanks to his paradigmatic agreement with Netflix, is living a new golden era. This is corroborated by the $ 41 million amassed in the last year. After the success of his latest comedy for the platform, ‘Criminals at sea’, the agreement between both parties It was extended in early 2020 to develop another four films, keeping Sandler’s economy buoyant.

10 Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan in « Vanguard »

If we talk about legends, there is no adjective that better defines Jackie Chan, than after decades leaving his mark on the seventh art, he has not slowed down. That’s why the 66-year-old Hong Kong-born star has made the list again. On this occasion, it closes with its $ 40 million, achieved by the half ten titles in which he has participated in the last year and by various commercial agreements.