The Higher Sports Council has made the regulations official that entered into force on May 25. The possibility of playing paddle tennis in pairs was a reality. This sport is one of those that has been affected by the coronavirus crisis. With more and more people practicing it and specialized centers, they had to close the doors on March 14, not to reopen them until this week. You can play in pairs in any paddle tennis facility that is open and the area is in phase 1.

The official statement from the Higher Sports Council arrives authorizing padel in pairs

According to the official statement of the CSD: “In accordance with the conversations held today, Tuesday May 26, 2020 with the CSD, regarding the clarification of the consequences of Order SND / 440/2020 of May 23, 2020 of the Ministry of Health already published, the Spanish Paddle Federation officially communicates that, since last Monday 25/05/2020, Paddle tennis practice in pairs is already allowed from Phase 1

In addition to practicing this sport, classes with students will be allowed as long as groups do not exceed 10 people. Also remember that safety distances of at least 2 meters must be respected. In a sport as dynamic as paddle tennis is normal, it is easy to accomplish, the players are constantly on the track.

The statement highlights that the facilities must comply with the regulations. Have gel disinfect yourself, properly clean common areas and, in addition, not exceed a 30% capacity. Players can make an appointment to make the courts available, clean and ready for their turn, without having to coincide with the next turn. Guaranteeing safety in the practice of this sport that will try to return to normality in the coming days.