In addition to one of the best players in basketball history and the greatest exponent of the 90’s, Michael Jordan It was also the first great world icon that the NBA had. The player of the Chicago Bulls It was a unique phenomenon in terms of popularity – it still is – but the process of assimilating and succeeding despite all that was unique.

BJ Armstrong, one of his teammates in the Bulls’ first three-peat, recalled what that facet of Jordan was like. “I remember when I was young I dreamed of playing in the NBA” began the now players’ agent, who recalled that when he arrived in Chicago I thought “I must be careful of what I want, because that may happen” he thought. “Michael was the first person to show me what it meant to be a star, but you can’t be that star and not accept all those things that come with it.”

Armstrong recalled that during the three-peat, what changed everything was that “we understood his pressures, he understood what we needed and that is why we were a special group that stayed together” but recalled that “I do not wish stardom to nobody. When someone says to me ‘this boy is a star’, I wish him good luck, because what it takes to be a star at that level is incredible. Always safely, dealing with tickets, you always have to be alert, and there is never a preparation for it. ”

This testimony, explicit like few others, marks the pressures that not only Jordan received, but also can be extrapolated to the current stars of the league, who must also deal with social networks. However, at the end of the day and as Armstrong summarized, “Air Jordan was terrific and God bless him, but I will always remember Michael the person better.”