The heartbreaking video of the son of one of the crew members killed in the Indonesian submarine where he asks him not to go to work

Last Wednesday, April 21, Indonesian authorities disclosed that their submarine KRI-Nanggala-402, which he was doing some practice with 53 crew members on board, he disappeared in waters north of the island of Bali.

After several days of searching in which several nations participated, the tragedy was finally confirmed because the submarine was found split in 3, more than 800 meters deep, which caused the death of all those who were inside.

In the aftermath of the tragedy, heartbreaking stories about the submarine’s crew begin to emerge, including that of First Lieutenant Imam Adi, whose video with his 2-year-old son just before leaving for the mission has gone viral, touching the hearts of thousands.

In the video circulating on social networks sYou can see Adi, 29, trying to get out of his room, as his little son Aska stops him, crying, trying to close the bedroom door with one hand while pushing his father inside with the other.

“Dad, I need to pee,” the lieutenant tells his baby as he kneels down to try to comfort him; however, little Aska repeatedly pushes him while yelling “no, no, no.”

Later that day, Adi boarded the KRI Nanggala-402 that sank.

Edy Sujianto, Imam’s father, indicated in an interview for The Tribune News that he was very shocked by the reaction his grandson had that day, since generally the boy had never tried to prevent his father from going to work.

“Maybe it’s just a coincidence,” he said.

Sujianto also revealed that, before boarding the ship, Adi had asked his family to pray that his mission on the submarine would be smooth and safe.

Adi studied law in Korea and also did graduate studies in Los Angeles. He had been working at the KRI Nanggala 402 since 2017.

The submarine was one of 5 that the Indonesian armed forces had and it was submerged last Wednesday to carry out some military exercises. Within a few hours all contact with him was lost.

According to the Navy, the submarine, delivered to Indonesia in 1981, was in good condition for service. But this type of submarine is designed to withstand a pressure of only up to 300 or 400 meters deep.According to experts, an oil spill detected in the area where it sank raised fears of a possible rupture of the reservoir, or even a fracture of the submarine.

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