Dinosaurs: The heartbreaking story behind the end of the series that traumatized an entire generation | INSTAGRAM

Those of us who lived childhood in the 90s, surely remember the emblematic children’s series Dinosaurs, the story that reflected, in a family comedy tone, the vicissitudes of a middle-class family made up of anthropomorphic dinosaurs, The Sinclair, and their life in a very prehistory. similar to society at that time in the United States.

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It stands out for being the first and so far, the only series to use animatronic puppets in all its cast, with very few human actors sometimes appearing, and generally, playing cave beings, with no reason.

Since its inception, the series was known for its original approach and plot and its technical development, a prodigy for that time, and soon had public acceptance, thus running four seasons of hilarious history.

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Set in the year 60,000,003 a. C., in the territory of Pangea, The Sinclair belong to the middle class, the father, a round and green dinosaur, that responds to the name of Earl, is a simple worker who is dedicated to the felling of trees, and who is married to Francine, with whom she has three children, Robbie, Charlene and in the famous « Nene spoiled ».

And while the full storyline of the series’ chapters used to be extremely comical, we can’t in any way comment on the same of its fateful season finale, as it was anything but harmless.

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Because the Sinclair family literally went extinct on camera, yes, with everything and baby included.

Whenever lists are written about the worst endings in television history, or the most surprising and memorable, the Dinosaurs is mentioned, because it is one of those that completely traumatized the audience and, taking advantage of the fact that This summer marks 24 years since its broadcast, the creators wanted to talk about the reasons why they opted for such a tragic ending.

In the last episode, the Sinclair family would gather to watch the migration of a species of beetle and discover that it was not happening, the reason? The exploitation of the land by WESAYSO, a company that had only the profit in mind and did not take into account the environment, and where the family patriarch worked.

The ecosystem suffered in such a way that, trying to solve the problem, the dinosaurs caused their own extinction, in the last scene the Sinclair family was shown receiving the news from the man of the time, aware of the situation, Earl and Fran tried to pretend tranquility in front of your little one.

« Surely in the end everything is solved. After all, dinosaurs have been 150 million years on Earth. We’re not going to just disappear like this, ”Earl said without believing a word.

To which the creators in short explained that it was the best way to warn young people, to take care of the ecology and the planet, They wanted the episode to be « educational » to ensure that the new generations were more responsible: « If the series has some value, is that young people must understand that extinction is a possibility, so they must remind their parents that if they do not take care of the world for themselves, they must do it for their children.

In the end, the series had to be canceled in 1994 due to the high cost of animatronics, and insufficient audiences. If you want to see the chapters click here.