The heartbreaking lesson of Juan de Dios Roman to cancer patients

Juan de Dios Roman he left many handball lessons but also life lessons. Possibly, one of the most important and at the same time heartbreaking was the phrase he left when he learned of his lung cancer diagnosis: “You have to stop being nonsense and face the situation”.

Javier de Castro, head of Oncology at the Hospital de La Paz in Madrid, was the physician in charge of treat Juan de Dios Román, the Spanish handball legend, for lung cancer who has just passed away at the age of 77. “These news must be given adapted to the person, it depends on age, personal situation, cultural situation …”, said a few weeks ago the doctor in statements collected by Cadena SER.

Juan de Dios Román himself said he was surprised when he received the news that he suffered from lung cancer, but thought: “We have to stop being nonsensical and face the situation.” «At times there is a downturn, but I have confidence in my medical team. I help with my attitude as much as possible “, added the former coach and former president of the Royal Spanish Handball Federation.

Javier de Castro himself explained then, in line with the situation that Juan de Dios Román was going through, that the way of living the path of a disease such as cancer is fundamental. “It is important that the person makes it visible to his surroundings, because if he is left alone, he is not able to communicate with everyone,” he said. This did not happen to Juan de Dios, who remembered feeling very supported by his family and having entered the consultation “as a patient and leaving as a friend” from the doctor.

He revealed that he suffered from cancer in 2019

Juan de Dios Román himself revealed on January 10 of last year that he suffered from lung cancer. He did it in one of the many and well-deserved tributes he received in life, during the delivery of the National Sports Awards. Juan de Dios was awarded the Francisco Fernández Ochoa Award for his career of a lifetime dedicated to handball.

«In handball the great pioneer was Domingo Bárcenas and I had to follow him. We have planted and there has been our own style of doing things. After the years you end up being kind of good. After 50 years dedicated to my sport, I am delighted to be here in difficult circumstances because I am overcoming cancer, ”Juan de Dios Román explained then.

Later, in an interview on Radio Marca, Juan de Dios Román explained that his intention was always to carry his illness with his family and that he had done so for the last two years: “This started just two years ago, being in the World Cup disputed in France. When we returned we started the treatment, which was very hard and our goal was to experience it as a family and not have many friends restless ”.