The heartbreaking closing of the meeting with Australia: the play that almost gave Los Pumas a heroic victory

The last play of the match between Los Pumas and Australia

One chop. That was what Argentina needed in the last second. A favorable move of fate. The icing on this occasion, did not want to fall to the side of Los Pumas. It would have been the final scene of an epic match, but the coin fell on the Australian side.

The red on the clock already indicated the game over. But there was still one more play left. Everything started with a pressure in the own field of captain Pablo Matera on the figure wallabie Reece hodge. The Pumas believed it was possible. A few minutes earlier, Hodge himself had missed a penalty that would have led to the local victory, but that was past and the score was 15-15. They could win it.

The giant Ned haniganAfter an intense ball movement, he wanted to break Argentine lines but made a mistake. Gonzalo Bertranou He was faster than everyone, saw the hole, stole the icing and played fast for Matera. The captain did not think about closing the match, he sought to win it: he threw a kick for Santiago Cordero’s run.

The speedy man of French Union Bordeaux Bégles started from several meters behind that his marker, but he felt that he was running towards history and managed to break through the resistance of Filipo Daugunu. He touched the icing on the right foot and knocked his rival out of the game. Everything was given to end in try, but fate did not want: the pique was backwards, Cordero did not reach to touch her again and Jake Gordon appeared with a saving recovery to throw himself off the court and thus end the lawsuit.

“It was not an easy week after that emotional peak last week. The truth that emptied us a bit. We arrived tired. Today we were very imprecise ”, acknowledged coach Mario Ledesma after the match.

“Australia played us all fast lines, penalties, they would not let us accommodate. We were very imprecise, but sometimes it goes the other way. The intangibles. They continued to hold on tooth and nail. And with a little luck, it wouldn’t have been fair, but if Corderito itches a little better, it was try, because he had passed it. With a madness from Pablo (Matera) that I told him to throw it out”, Analyzed this play the national head coach.

It would have meant a heroic triumph for Argentina, which got to be nine points down in the game when the complement was already advanced. Finally, it was a 15-15 equality with five annotations by Nico Sánchez.

The albiceleste team accumulated a win against the All Blacks and this draw against Australia at the start of a Three Nations different that is played without South Africa (he decided to be absent due to the coronavirus pandemic) and that takes place entirely on Australian soil. The next Saturday Los Pumas will perform again to run into the powerful representatives of New Zealand again.


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