The health situation in Japan makes it necessary to modify the itinerary of the Olympic torch to Tokyo

The governor of Osaka, Hirofumi Yoshimura, said Thursday that the passage of the Olympic torch relay through the city of the same name should be canceled, as the territory prepares to adopt new restrictions due to an increase in infections of COVID-19.

The governor of that western prefecture of Japan was in favor of suspending that section of the passage of the flame of Tokyo 2020 while announcing the adoption as of April 5 and for a month of new measures to stop the spread of the viral disease throughout the territory.

Osaka authorities have warned that the prefecture is in a fourth wave of COVID. The territory registered 599 new infections this Wednesday, above the 414 in Tokyo, which has been characterized as the area with the highest incidence in the country.

Yoshimura highlighted the rapid increase in cases in the city of Osaka and said that The passage of the Olympic torch through the metropolis, where it is scheduled to arrive on April 14, “must be canceled”, due to the recommendation of the local authorities to avoid unnecessary departures.

“I would like to enter into discussions with the city authorities and the organized committee of the Games”He said in statements made at a press conference and collected by local media.

Regarding other locations in the prefecture, Yoshimura said that he would like the relief move forward after taking greater measures to prevent infections.

Yoshimura’s comments come on the same day that the Japanese central government gave the go-ahead for the Osaka, Hyogo and Miyagi prefectures to adopt stricter measures against COVID in the face of an increase in cases in those territories.

These three prefectures will be the first to adopt this type of measure covered by the legal amendment that came into force in February and that allows local authorities to impose fines on businesses that do not comply with time restrictions or patients who refuse to be hospitalized.