The head of the State Commission for the Search of Disappeared Persons in Oaxaca makes a protest


After a year and a half of delay, most of the Oaxaca Congress, made by Brunette, they appointed a teacher in criminology, Edilberta Cruz Regino as head of the State Commission for the Search of Disappeared Persons for the State of Oaxaca.

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In the appointment he counted the opinion of groups and families of victims of disappearance, who at the time reviewed the profiles of the shortlist made up of two women and one man, sent by the Executive Power.

The new incumbent starts from scratch, her management covers three years, and in that period she will have the task of starting with the operation works for the functioning of the body, such as the management and administration of the budgeted resource, the installation of the office, the creation of the Specialized Prosecutor’s Office, the issuance of its regulations and in general the establishment of its administrative areas in the state territory.

Likewise, it must coordinate the work in the state with other federative entities, with the National comission and with the municipalities, for the search for missing and non-located persons, clarification of the facts; as well as preventing, investigating, punishing and eradicating crimes related to forced disappearance of persons and disappearance committed by individuals.

This body will have funding from the National Fund for the Search of Disappeared Persons and the State’s own resources.

Cruz Regino has professional experience in criminology; He served as an expert in Forensic Dentistry at the Attorney General of the State of Morelos. In addition, he participated as a member of the human identification area, and a forensic expert in graves of the municipal cemeteries of Jojutla, and Tetelcingo, Morelos.

In the next few days, the Citizen Council will be formed, an organization with which search protocols and activities can be established in coordination with the Oaxaca State Attorney General’s Office and other dependencies related to the area.

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