the head of Instagram explains how the app works inside

The algorithms of the main social networks or search engines is a company secret that rarely comes to light. The one on TikTok for example is one of the most coveted. Now his rival Instagram has made public how its algorithm works. Or rather, its algorithms. A decision that of course the European Commission will like.

Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram on Facebook, has published an article on the official blog of the social network. In the details how the algorithm works to answer questions like “why do some posts have more views than others?” and “How does Instagram decide what comes first to me?” In general, how does Instagram recommend posts.

Multiple algorithms and lots of data

Adam Mosseri believes that the main reason people don’t understand Instagram is because they see it as a single algorithm. Not so, it says there is “a variety of algorithms, classifiers, and processes, each with its own purpose”.


Therefore, we have a recommendation algorithm for Feed, another for Explore, or a very different one for Stories or Reels. They say that people do not look for the same thing in each section of the social network, so things are classify and display differently in each part of the app.

Going into more detail for example in the Feed or Stories, Adam Mosseri explains that collect data from different places to better understand what to show. For example, it collects data from the publication such as the “likes”, the publication date, the location or the duration of a video if there is one. Likewise, they collect information about the person who has published it and the interaction history that has been between the sender and the receiver.

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Finally, the head of Instagram gives a series of tips for users who believe that their publications are not seen enough or Instagram is silencing them. The reality according to Adam is that people do not see even half of the posts of the users they follow. Solution? Part of it helps to choose “close friends” in the Stories or to mute people who are not interested.

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