The harsh reality of Devers and Bogaerts in the underrated corner despite playing in Boston

When we talk about Boston Red Sox, is like referring to the caste of the MLB, without a doubt something apart. In recent years, despite continuing to be one of the largest markets in the league, we have seen contradictory cases, being Rafael Devers Y Xander Bogaerts in the corner of the greats underrated, contrary to those years of Manny, David or Pedro.

At the beginning of a new century, entering the era of 2000, in the Dominican Republic (where I am from) or you were of the Dodgers, Yankees or Red Sox, the latter due to the influence of Pedro Martínez, Manny Ramírez and David Ortiz, one of the triples that has given the most to talk about the last two decades, contrary to what is lived today in Boston with two of its main players, falling like a glove the word “Underrated” on Rafael Devers Y Xander Bogaerts.

Since the 2019 campaign, Xander Bogaerts has increased his knowledge in the batting box, having since then a batting average above .300, in addition, since 2016 he has been called up twice to the all-star game, who has been qualified by the MLB as the third best shortstop today, but who goes extremely unnoticed among other lower-level players of the same position.

At the end of the day on Saturday by the Boston Red Sox, Xander Bogaerts, holds a batting average of .354, replicating his performances at the wood of his last two seasons in the MLB, in addition to an impressive 20 double plays completed in his first 36 games in 2021 at shortstop and a preponderant .973 fielding percentage with just four errors.

While, Rafael Devers continues to do his thing with the bat, who in his first 38 games played with the Red Sox in the current campaign of MLB, He arrived at the mark of 10 homers and 31 RBIs, in addition, it is also important to highlight his great performance at third base, where he had not had the label of being a great defender, where in 36 games he has only allowed five errors, holding a percentage of fielding of .955.

Hand in hand with this duo and a JD Martínez, the Red Sox remain as pointers in the East division of the American League of the MLB, who with an unexpected mark of 25-16, remain more than two games above the franchise that occupies the second position of the aforementioned division.

Despite the marketing factor of playing for a tradition franchise like the Boston Red Sox and, your star numbers from the MLB, Xander Bogaerts Y Rafael Devers they continue to come under scrutiny year after year, this due to how little controversial they can be, which can also overshadow, as is the case, their performance on the pitch. Not only with numbers you win and these two cases are great evidence.

Today we were in Boston yesterday? Write it down for homework !!!

Photo: Billie Weiss / Getty Images.

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