The harsh foul on Luka Doncic that could have cost the Slovenian a serious injury

Luka doncic returned to lead the Dallas mavericks, this time in the victory against the Washington wizards (109-87), who were only able to score 40 points in the second half. The Slovenian finished with 26 points and 7 assists in the Texas team’s fourth consecutive win. However, things could have been quite different for the Mavs star if he had landed badly on a somewhat dangerous play involving Russell Westbrook.

The entire Dallas Mavericks expedition was silent for a few seconds when Luka Doncic misplaced his left leg on landing after a tackle that ended up being a foul by Russel Westbrook. The Slovenian stood for a moment on the ground with gestures of pain, but got to his feet without much delay, to everyone’s relief. It was practically the first bars of the last quarter and the game was very well channeled. It would have been one of those injuries that throw everything to the ground.

The situation did not get older and Westbrook himself went to apologize to Doncic on a couple of occasions, aware of the harshness of his lack and how disproportionate the result would have been under other conditions. It was sheer frustration, even though it ended up with a house brand ‘triple-double’, and he knew it.