The Hardy Boyz vs. The Young Bucks on AEW? Matt Hardy did not rule out that this fight could occur in the future in the company of Tony Khan.

The Hardy Boyz vs. The Young Bucks on AEW?

Matt Hardy He was the last guest of Chris Jericho’s podcast, Talk is Jericho, where the fighter took the opportunity to ask him about different things in Matt’s career and they also talked about the character of Broken and how he came up with and everything Matt had in mind for his career at AEW.

Among the things they talked about, Chris Jericho told Matt that every time he saw the Young Bucks it reminded him of the Hardy Boyz principles and that it would be possible for us to see a combat between both teams in AEW again.

About this, Matt Hardy answered the following

Jeff still has to finish his contract, he still has some time, obviously. He has more than a year left because he has added months between his injuries and his personal problems that left him out for another time. But yes, I would say like Broken Matt would say, Never Say Never ».

Although both teams have already faced each other on several occasions, these matches have never taken place in a large company like AEW, so for more casual fans it would be a great time to see two of the best tag teams of recent years in a rivalry. .

Furthermore this would mean Brother Nero’s arrival also at Tony Khan’s company.

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