Being a contemporary of such a large (but so unknown and cult) band is a luxury that we must appreciate in due measure. Make no mistake, the gang Bryan Small & Cia, dare The Hangmen, they have always suffered the industry lures, they have always had to carry in the best possible way their label of ‘loosers’ and this has been hard, very hard, dealing with endless addictions, with continuous rejections of ‘major’ record labels, incredibly poor sales… Despite this, The Hangmen They reemerged strongly in the new millennium, leaving a trilogy to remove hiccups with that fluid and spontaneous mix of punk rock and American roots. Metallic I.O.U. (2000), Loteria (2004) and In The City (2007) are the reliable proof of the pasta of which Bryan Small it was done…

If ‘You look for Blood’, with the Angelenos you will have all you want …

The fact that they feel like ’losers’ within the musical show business has not deprived people as consecrated as Mike Ness, Brett Gurewitz (Bad Religion), Keith Morris (Black Flag, Circle Jerks) or Eddie Spaguetti (Supersuckers) to declare their unconditional love for the songbook of the band, in fact Morris and Gurewitz helped in their first ‘demo’s’ and even Mr. Ness came to produce In The City (2007) and they are habitual with the ‘Supermamones’ in their USA tours These days, this incredible pair is repeated.


The Hangmen – Cactusville – Cover

Five years later came East Of Western (2012), Bryan He lowered the punk / hard content with a greater impact on ‘roots music’ but hitting the emotional target again and playing the fiber with that authenticity that has always characterized him. Well, no more and no less than seven years have we had to wait to enjoy another piece of Bryan’s soul with his seventh studio album, Cactusville (2019), together with Jimmy James (guitar) (Junkyard, Tiger Quarter), the sublime Wild Creature, Angelique Congleton (bass, vocals) and the newly incorporated Jorge Disguster (drums). As in East …, the country sounds carry all the weight of the album, there is rock’n’roll, of course there is !, especially in the first part of the album (Cactusville, Lookin For Bloodthe sly “Man In Black’s Hand»…) with that aggressiveness and that nasal-vocal charisma that Small imposes. The ‘B’ face is more intimate, endearing and clearly rural in cuts that make one ‘s skin stand on end. Black Boots so Petty, or the sadness poured into Don’t Look Backactually even gives me that Bryan’s side project, the The Best Western Players, they are involved in garlic … In conclusion and as the protagonist of this post himself declares: «… I have had hovering in my head the records of Dylan, Cash, Petty and Neil Young to compose the new songs and use therapy for my own ‘obscurities’ … »

It is an album that deserves the note it has and much more. You can bet on it …



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