The Government of Spain and the GSMA have agreed to the extension of Barcelona as the organizing city of the largest annual mobile technology congress, the Mobile World Congress. This agreement ensures the celebration of the event until 2024, date on which the contract will have to be renegotiated.

Over the months, the cancellation of MWC 2020 in Barcelona ended up making all the sense: given the evolution of the Covid-19 a massive contagion will surely be avoided. That in health, because the losses still plague event organizers and participants; with doubts if it would continue to be held in Barcelona or if the GSMA would wait to fulfill the contract to take the largest mobile fair to another city. And this is not the case: as confirmed by the Government of Spain, MWC will continue in Barcelona until at least 2024, one more year than the organizers had agreed with the GSMA.

The GSMA agrees on more advantageous conditions for MWC 2021

2020 is being a completely atypical year in all areas, especially with regard to public events. Goodbye to crowds, analysis with a magnifying glass of all social activities and events that must be redone to guarantee all sanitary measures. The IFA in Berlin has been completely reinvented after the Covid-19 epidemic. And, despite the fact that there is still more than half a year to go to MWC 2021, all those involved prepare the celebration taking into account the current limitations. Not only that, both the Government of Spain and the GSMA have broadened their sights seeking to compensate for the cancellation of MWC 2020.

The GSMA has offered the Spanish organizers a « very low rate and in advantageous conditions for the 2021 MWC edition » in order to compensate for the inconvenience caused by the cancellation of the last congress. In addition, those involved have renegotiated the duration of the contract to extend it by one year; covering with said expansion the not having held the MWC 2020. One last point is that the Barcelona Mobile World Capital Foundation, a group of public and private entities organized by the Mobile World Congress, will have to face financial commitments with the GSMA despite not having held MWC 2021. This cost will be returned in the event that the congress cannot be held in 2021, an event that is already being worked on.

The MWC is not the only event the GSMA has had to postpone: The organization recently canceled the next Los Angeles MWC, an event that was planned for October 28. We will see how the pandemic evolves and if the ‘new normal’ ends up recovering the massive events.


The GSMA extends the MWC in Barcelona until 2024 and lowers the rates for next year’s edition