the groups to be vaccinated with the millions of doses of vaccine expected in April

The month of April arrives, the beginning of the second quarter of the year and the moment in which the Government expects the forecasts to be fulfilled, which spoke of the first three months of shortage of doses to then move on to have many more vaccines available. At the moment, this plan is being fulfilled at the beginning of the month in which the “Tipping Point” to Accelerate Immunization. Last week they came 1,056,500 doses of AstraZeneca and this monday 1,200,000 from Pfizer, that are already distributed throughout the communities and with which the objective is to start immunizing people under 80 years of age, up to 70, and those between 60 and 65 years old.

These are the two age groups on which vaccination efforts will focus after Easter, once the immunization of residents and workers in nursing homes and health personnel has ended. At the moment, it has not yet ended with people over 80 who do not live in institutions, but both regional governments and the central government are already looking at the following age groups. On a visit to Valencia, the Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, has insisted this Monday on the significant amount of vaccines that are currently ready to put in Spain and has influenced that now efforts must be made in these two groups so that one possible fourth wave arrive with most of the most vulnerable population vaccinated.

“The objective now is for them to be aimed at priority groups“, said Darias, who has referred to people between 60 and 65 years old and those between 79 and 70 years old. The former are part of the general population group under 65 years of age who, in descending age, are You will be given the AstraZeneca vaccine The second group involves following the descending age rhythm that began in February with people over 80 years old who are injecting doses of Pfizer or Moderna.

The minister stressed that “vaccines continue to arrive” and that in this second quarter of the year there will be a “very significant increase” in supply which makes meeting the goal that 70% of the population vaccinated during the summer is “to reach”, has said. Like AstraZeneca and Pfizer, the minister has ensured that new doses of Modern and in the second half of April will arrive a first contingent of 300,000 doses of Janssen, of the 5.5 million committed by this pharmaceutical company until June.

Before reaching the summer and in the most immediate, vaccines should “buy time” for infections, that it is foreseeable that they will grow after Easter. Darias has admitted that the official figures of the last days are not reliable, due to the holidays, and that we will have to wait for this Tuesday to have a more “consolidated” image to begin to see “where the rebound is taking us”. It had begun to be seen in the past weeks, with an upward trend of infections.

After a Holy Week in which the communities slowed down vaccination rates or they focused only on some groups, the communities are already preparing to start puncturing these two age groups.

For example, the Madrid’s community This Holy Week has already begun to vaccinate the population between 65 and 60 years old with AstraZeneca, in the state of Wanda and in the Zendal hospital, and this week the punctures in the primary care centers are resumed for the population of 77, 78 and 79 years , while waiting to complete the vaccination of those over 80 and large dependents.

The President of Andalusia, Juanma Moreno placeholder image, announced this Monday that in their community they will begin to contact those over 70 to be vaccinated, while “locating” 8% of people over 80 who have not yet received their puncture.

Navarre It will also now begin to cite people from 79 to 70 years old and, on the other hand, those under 65, who, as in other communities, will also be vaccinated in large facilities, such as the Frontón of the Public University of Navarra.

There are also similar plans in Castilla-La Macha, where the vaccination with AstraZeneca, which in recent days began to puncture people between 65 and 56 years old and that from now on will begin the vaccination of people over 70 years of age and people with serious diseases and considered especially vulnerable, who will be vaccinated also with Pfizer or Moderna simultaneously to this age group.