The Green Party supports the candidacy of Clara Luz Flores for the governorship of Nuevo León

Senator Manuel Velasco Coello announced that the Mexican Ecologist Green Party (PVEM) supports Clara Luz Flores Carrales, mayor of Escobedo, for the governorship of Nuevo León.

The coordinator of the Parliamentary Group of the Green Party in the Senate of the Republic stressed that the mayor of Escobedo has greater support among the people of Nuevo Leon.

Therefore, the legislator argued that the Green could go in alliance with the National Regeneration Movement (Morena) as long as this party supports the political figure with wide acceptance and a better profile such as Clara Luz.

Flores Carrales is recognized in Nuevo León for leading government actions as mayor in coordination with society, academics and businessmen, to achieve optimal development.

In that sense, Senator Manuel Velasco Coello stressed that in that entity she is the profile that has the most sympathies, which is why the Green Party supports her for the governorship for the 2021 elections.

He made it clear that Clara Luz Flores will be the champion with whom the PVEM will seek to obtain the governorship in the next elections.

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